Shipping Clocks

• Whether you need to move down the block, ship it to us for repair, or send a clock as a gift, you want to pack your clock right.
• It is important that your clock is packed properly and insured with shipping. Please pack the entire clock with all necessary parts (pendulum, weights, chains, etc). If you are shipping a clock to get repaired, it is not necessary to pack the key.
• Remove or secure the pendulum with tape,  and place it in a plastic bag.
• Use 2 sturdy boxes, one for the inner box, and one for the outer box.
• Place the clock in a plastic bag.
• Place the clock in the inner box , be sure you leave 3 to 4 inches of foam around all the sides, top and bottom of the clock.
• Place the inner box inside the outer box on top of  2 to 3 inches of packing material and fill any empty spaces with packing material. The inner box should not be able to move around inside the outer box.

If you are sending a clock to Waterford Clock for repair include:

  • Your name
  • Your address
  • Your telephone number
  • Your email address
  • A description of the problem